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Active Charlotte Alliance is exited to announce our September Challenge!

Hashtag: #ACAShakeItOut #MoveIt

Motto for the month:
“As long as you’re moving more, you’re doing it right.”

The Goal is Simple: Move more than you normally would during the day at home or the office.

Have you heard about the 2104 study* of over 4 Million individuals that strongly indicated sitting is the new smoking of our generation? Researchers discovered that sitting for prolonged times over a lifetime increases the risk of obesity, cancer heart disease, and diabetes! Scary.

The fact is we sit a lot now.

Think about it. We sit at our computers all day at work or home, we also sit when in our cars in traffic, carpool or on the bus or metro. We sit when we eat, read, play on technology device, or watch tv for hours (just love those Netflix bingables). Then we lay down and go to bed (if you have been doing all this watching and surfing, you probably are not sleeping well either (but thats another key topic we will cover later).

That is a LOT of sitting in one day (even if you already worked out)!  

We Active Charlotte Alliance think wherever you are right now or during the day is a PERFECT location to add some sporadic physical activity!

Just #ACAShakeItOut #MoveIt 

Scoot away from your desk (even if you have a standing desk) and move for 10 minutes 3 times a day, or better, every hour!

1. Go Stroll

Walk outside to a park, or around the perimeter of your office, twice! Actually walk the dog.

2. Schedule Fit Meetings 

Schedule a walk or run meeting, meet up, or client call outside.

3. Skip the Elevator

Do some calf raises, wall push ups then hit the stairs.

4. Shake your groove thing 

Crank up some tunes and dance or hop on 1 foot! Whatever works! Watch these soldiers for inspiration. Soldiers #MoveIt too!

5. Lift

Keep dumbbells under your desk, engage core and do 3 sets of bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, overhead presses and squats! You can do this with headphones during a call!

6. Get social in person.

Challenge your office, students, neighbors to join you! It’s more fun together.

7. Get social online.

Tweet, Instagram and FB a a pic with you dancing to your fav tune or move of the day! Tag @activecharlotte and #ACAShakeitOut #MoveItv

Just watch your fitness, fun factor & health go up while your stress goes down!

So lets #ACAShakeItOut and #MoveIt Charlotte!

Amy Peacock

Questions? amy@activecharlotte.org

*Study as reported in the http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/content/106/7/dju206.full