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Get Healthy Charlotte!

The Active Charlotte Alliance is committed to helping you and our community get healthy no matter what age or ability.

Here are 6 ways to get started today.

1. Schedule A Check Up with Your Doctor

An annual physical is a great way to get a baseline measurement of your health and get clearance from your Dr. to exercise if you have been sedentary.

2. Just do it!

Exercise is medicine. You don’t need a gym membership to get started. Just go outside and walk, bike or run and repeat daily. Research shows just being outside is great for the body and mind. In Charlotte we have many trails, parks, programs and events for all levels of fitness. Many programs are completely free! Check out some here: http://activecharlotte.org/calendar/

3. Find your Tribe

Belonging to a community on and offline has proven to be a fitness and health game changer. We have many fitness communities already active in Charlotte you can join. Also, consider joining us for our fun alliance meet ups. This summer we successfully partnered with runners of all levels, local breweries and Charlotte B-Cycles bike share program to build community and make new connections. It was a blast!  http://activecharlotte.org/get-connected  http://www.charlottebcycle.com

4. Pick up the Pace

According to a large study recently published in In the Journal of American Medicine, daily vigorous exercise once again is shown to boost weight loss and increase longevity. Interval training is a fantastic way to put intensity in your workout while saving time.

5. Strength train

Prevent injury and age related muscle atrophy. Use your own body weight, free weights or equipment at gyms to strengthen your muscles. Not sure where to start? We have many alliance members and free online programs we can refer you to.

6. Don’t forget to Breathe!

Meditation and deep breathing produce a relaxation response in your mind and body which reduces stress. It is very easy to get started! Step away from technology and try deep belly breathing for a count of 20 each day. Or visit http://www.calm.com to get started with guided meditation today.