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fit-to-fight2Join us for our next ACA luncheon on March 3rd at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille to hear more from the founder of worldwide franchise Fit To Fight®, Ryan Hoover.

-Ever wondered how Panthers or NASCAR athletes or movie stunt women get fit to fight or fit for flight?

-Have you ever imagined how you’d react if someone attacked you in your home or in a dark parking lot?

-Curious about how your kids’ schools are preparing to stop a Newton or San Bernadino type massacre?

None of us may ever touch a football field or even simulate Evel Kinievel, but learning how they train could be fascinating!

And as for community tragedies, most of us hope for the best, but wouldn’t it be prudent to also prepare for the worst?

Guest speaker Ryan Hoover will share insights on training the pros (from Panther’s Coach Ron Rivera to everyday citizens, including kids) on fitness and self-defense and more.  Ryan has also developed weapons defense and training programs for the NC Justice Academy, State Troopers, and other law enforcement, has developed the “Safer Campus” programming for schools, universities and incident response programs for businesses, and he assisted in providing defensive tactics/planning for executive protection during Charlotte Democratic National Convention.

Did we mention he has black belt certifications in Krav Maga, karate, and kempo?  He’s Charlotte’s very own Chuck Norris mixed Jen-Claude Van Damm.

Date/time: Thursday, March 3rd, 11:30-1pm,

Location: Dilworth Neighborhood Grill on Morehead Avenue

Cost: $15 at the door for a healthy buffet lunch

Please do:  bring a friend, teacher, business risk manager

ryan hooverRyan Hoover, our March speaker, admittedly calls this his “ridiculously bloated bio“….but we love every bit of it!

  • Co-founder of worldwide affiliate training organization, Fit to Fight®
  • Majority Owner of Fit to Fight®, LLC
  • Majority Owner of FTF® Fitness and Self-defense Training Centers
  • Co-developer of numerous training programs:  Hard Ready, Fit to Fight® Krav Maga, SPARology, From The Ground Up, Force Options Group, Mitt Mania, PRIDE for Kids, SmashFit, Heavy Bag Blast and more
  • Helped develop weapons defense and retention training curriculum for NC Justice Academy
  • Civilian Member of NC Subject Control and Arrest Techniques committee
  • Former Member of Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
  • Developer of Safer Campus Now program, for schools, universities and businesses
  • Trainer for many pro bowl NFL players
  • Trainer for NASCAR pit crews
  • Trainer for actresses Tracy Spiradakos and Daniella Alonso and stuntwoman of the year, Alicia Vela-Bailey
  • Trainer for Carolina Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera
  • Corner man and training partner for UFC fighter, Justine Kish
  • Advanced black belts in Krav Maga, karate and kempo
  • Marni Levine Fighting Spirit Award Winner
  • Trainer of instructors from eight countries
  • Taught courses for NC State Trooper Academy, CO State Trooper Academy, Security Forces at Rammstein AFB, NC BLET, Gaston County ERT, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department and more
  • Assisted in LEO defensive tactics/planning for executive protection during Charlotte Democratic National Convention
  • Extensive training in Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, et al